Thursday, October 1, 2009

Maybe I need less coffee...

Is that possible? I mean.. sure, for Other People it might be. But for Me? Hmm... I'll consider it.

I had big plans for doing the WholeFu Challenge, and they fizzled rather quickly. I don't really have a good reason other than I wasn't as committed as I had thought I'd be. Nothing surprising, really. I suppose anyone who has made big changes in their lifestyle knows that you can't do it unless you really want to. I guess I see my need for a healthier lifestyle similar to my need to quit smoking. (Which I already did.)

So, I've got that part established. I need to really be committed to a healthier lifestyle. It needs to be a priority for a while. I remember when I was quitting smoking, I could do much else except Not Be Smoking for at least a few weeks, probably longer. And sometime it changed. Not after a week, but sometime after a month or a few months. I just wasn't constantly having to catch myself anymore. I wasn't constantly craving a smoke anymore. I suspect there will be a similar situation with junk food and inactivity. There will be a time when it isn't the focus of my days anymore.. it's just making it to that point.

Anyway. I'm disappointed that WholeFu didn't work out for me (or I didn't work out for it, I suppose).. but I did enjoy the community aspect of it. I also really enjoyed some of the exercises Bunny helped us through.. it was interesting to do some other-directed self evaluation.

In other news, I have a new (to me) bicycle. It is green and lovely and I will have pictures soon. I haven't really been able to focus on much of anything this summer, for some reason. I am hoping the fall will be a good change for me. I have some new projects going on (knitting Socks!!) and hopefully will have time to do some thinking and changing.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Breaking The Silence

I am home today slightly sick and achy... but this definitely was worth posting!

Notes From The Frugal Trenches

Wow. What an inspiring blog! I haven't read very many posts, but so far it is filled with common sense, compassion, and so much love... I am very lucky to have found it! :)

Life is busy and eventful, as usual.

I am looking forward to the WholeFu challenge on RawFu that's starting up next week. Excited, nervous, hopeful.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Roadmaster 3 Speed

MY Roadmaster 3 Speed, originally uploaded by Anderson_Tribe.

See that lovely bike? If I wasn't so sick, I'd be working on it! This past week was Spring Cleanup week in our town, which means there was tons of stuff put out on the curb to go to the landfill. So much stuff. So many things that were fine, just "old" to the owners. It makes me pretty sad, frustrated, and angry. No wonder there is so much need in the world!

Something I was able to do was pick up some bikes and bring them home. I found hordes of children's bikes, and I couldn't bring them all home. I also found a lot of adult bikes, but not as many. I've given away all but one of the adult bikes already and still have two or three children's bikes that can go. They are free to a good home.

We found a nice 3speed for me (pictured) and a lovely classic for my 6 year old daughter, too. I think hers is cooler than mine, though.

I think too much stress has made me weak lately, and I'm suffering from a recurring cold that's been going around. And I still have lots of soap to make! Honestly, I'd rather be working on this bike. I can't wait to ride it! I like it so much, I'm considering naming it. (Something uncharacteristic of me!)

Any ideas?


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life as it is...

I have been incredibly busy lately. I've got the upcoming market season barreling towards me at a breakneck pace, homeschooling panics, household chores, family negotiations.. The usual life things, for the most part. It seems the upcoming festivals and farmer's markets put a bit more pressure on me than other things do, since they have to be done On Time or In Time.
I've been finding more motivation and happiness in creating this spring than I have in a long time. I'm grateful for that, as it makes it much easier to meet my goals! I struggle with perfectionism, though. Sometimes it's tempting to just stop instead of torturing myself with how things won't be just. so. But I can't do that, can I? I really do like making soap and I really like having a business.
I want to be the best soapmaker, I want to contribute financially to my family, and I want to do it on my time. Wow. No pressure, right? ;)

Well, it seems right now that the pressure has let up a bit. I'm enjoying creating new soaps, new scents, new things.. I'm enjoying thinking of taking inventory as "math" for my daughter, and making up a soap list as "writing practice". I love the not-quite-instant gratification of a beautiful, natural product that I feel proud to sell to people.

I hope I can recall all of this when I don't enjoy it quite so much. For now, it's bringing me peace to create and live and do it all together.

Maybe I should do The Artist's Way again...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Since last time...

We've had more snowstorms. Blizzards. Days of home bound craziness. So.. I did learn to knit. And I like it! And it is relaxing. It really helps me focus, something I'd forgotten about crocheting. It really is like meditation.
To be honest, my knitting is probably a lot more like meditation than my meditation is.

And I've started a knitting group. We meet on Saturdays at a coffee house downtown to chat and knit, crochet, whatever. Or to learn how. It's been really fun to meet new people and get a chance to sit with others.
I have so many new things going on in my life right now, I am glad to have a time to just sit and visit over yarn. Spring is always a busy time, and this year it seems more so (doesn't it every year?).
I hope you find some time to sit. Relax. Visit with friends. Breathe.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Awaiting A Storm

On a windy day 1, originally uploaded by randihausken.

We are under a Blizzard Warning right now, expecting quite a bit of snow and blowing in the next few days. Knowing that a storm is coming always makes me feel like I need to prepare! Go shopping! Buy food! Make soup! :) Every time I learn of a snow storm (before it starts snowing!) I wish I knew how to knit, so I could sit in peace - knitting and watching the snow.
Well.. I know how to crochet and there is no shortage of resources for learning to knit. But if I learn how, I'll discharge that little fantasy. The fantasy that I could have time knitting, making something useful, being quiet and observing the snow making everything new again.
So, why is this a fantasy? Why haven't I taken the time to make this reality? Is it because it is easier? There is no chance of failure or frustration in fantasy. There is no constant interruptions so familiar to people with small children. There is no learning curve, preparation, boredom, or failure.
But really... how Real are those things? If I knit something crooked and unusable, didn't I still enjoy knitting it? If I see those interruptions as moments to be more mindful, more present, then aren't they moments of clarity, instead of frustration?
Finding peace in our journey (to the kitchen, to the store, to spiritual enlightenment, to clean teeth) is the point, I think. I don't know why we are so drawn to fantasy, to things that are inherently UnReal.
The truth is, there is no learning curve, preparation, boredom or failure here now. Unless we make it. Every moment can be enjoyable. Every moment we are alive is a miracle, in and of itself!

I read a quote recently, although I can't remember where that really made me aware of how much we create in our mind, that isn't necessarily real:

Doubts do not grow branches and leaves.

Of course they don't! They only exist because we let them. We entertain them. We keep them going long after they would have been quiet. And get this: We don't have to. Feel them, let them go. How freeing! How amazing to think that we can stop feeling bad by Stopping Feeling Bad. Stop overanalyzing, fretting, putting yourself down, whatever it is. Breathe, see the sky, feel the wind, smell the coffee. It is right here and it is your reality.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sharing Handmade

Sara over at Walk Slowly, Live Wildly posted this today and I thought I would share it as well.

What is Etsy?