Thursday, October 1, 2009

Maybe I need less coffee...

Is that possible? I mean.. sure, for Other People it might be. But for Me? Hmm... I'll consider it.

I had big plans for doing the WholeFu Challenge, and they fizzled rather quickly. I don't really have a good reason other than I wasn't as committed as I had thought I'd be. Nothing surprising, really. I suppose anyone who has made big changes in their lifestyle knows that you can't do it unless you really want to. I guess I see my need for a healthier lifestyle similar to my need to quit smoking. (Which I already did.)

So, I've got that part established. I need to really be committed to a healthier lifestyle. It needs to be a priority for a while. I remember when I was quitting smoking, I could do much else except Not Be Smoking for at least a few weeks, probably longer. And sometime it changed. Not after a week, but sometime after a month or a few months. I just wasn't constantly having to catch myself anymore. I wasn't constantly craving a smoke anymore. I suspect there will be a similar situation with junk food and inactivity. There will be a time when it isn't the focus of my days anymore.. it's just making it to that point.

Anyway. I'm disappointed that WholeFu didn't work out for me (or I didn't work out for it, I suppose).. but I did enjoy the community aspect of it. I also really enjoyed some of the exercises Bunny helped us through.. it was interesting to do some other-directed self evaluation.

In other news, I have a new (to me) bicycle. It is green and lovely and I will have pictures soon. I haven't really been able to focus on much of anything this summer, for some reason. I am hoping the fall will be a good change for me. I have some new projects going on (knitting Socks!!) and hopefully will have time to do some thinking and changing.


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